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EV Fleet Benefits


EV models will be hitting the market by 2024.

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Lower Point of Entry Cost


Lowered Maintenance Costs & Increased Reliability: 

  • Fewer moving parts

  • Braking improvement

  • Software that helps vehicles run at peak performance 


Avoid Potential Fines:

  • Increased government regulations

  • Emissions standards put traditional ICE vehicles at risk


Technology Advances In Fleet Manage & State-Of-The-Art Software Technology:

  • Route planning

  • Charging locaters to reduce drive stress

  • Power management 


Social Responsibility: 

  • More companies are looking for sustainable partners 


  • Future Growth

  • Cost Savings

  • Government Regulatory Concerns

  • Client Acquisition & Retention

  • Site Analysis & Power Access

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Fleet transportation creates 23% of all emission in the United States. 

Learn more with our Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Station Playbook

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