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EV Multi-Family Benefits


of New Car Purchases will be Electric by 2025.

of All Vehicles will be Electric by 2040.




Attract Established and Highly Educated Tenants:

  • 70% of EV owners earned a college degree

  • 60% of EV owners are 30-59, 22% are older than 60 

 EV vehicles have a nine-year ownership average, versus four years with traditional vehicles.​

Apartment and multi-family tenants that own EVs say that access to charging is their top concern when choosing a place to live.

Generate Revenue: 

  • Options to sell monthly packages or charge by the KWH

 Use Software for Managing Use: 

  • Off peak/on peak and demand power management

  • Ease of training and billing 


  • Determine your customer’s needs

  • Advertise to attract EV tenants

  • Incentives for low-cost or no-cost installation 

  • Financing options 

  • Leasing options 

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Green apartment complexes have increased by 300%.

Learn more with our Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Station Playbook

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