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EV Gas Station Benefits



 Attract Customers:

  • Increased foot traffic

  • Software apps that make your location searchable 

  • Increased visibility. Inclusion in more than 50 searchable location apps

Increased Revenue Opportunities: 

  • Longer shopping times result in increased revenue 


  • Increase revenue 

  • Attract customers

  • Incentives for low-cost or no-cost installation 

  • Financing options

  • Leasing options

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Studies reveal EV charging customers, on average, spend an extra 10 minutes shopping.
  • Monetize existing parking lot real estate 

  • Incentives are available for capital investment and cost reduction 

  • Social responsibility commitment to the community

  • Building healthy communities

  • Production of combustible engines are decreasing at an alarming rate

  • Faster charging technology has dramatically reduced charging wait times

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