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Our Six-Point Installation Process

Our deep knowledge of the many requirements and complex permitting process, coupled with our innovative design-build approach, makes Casco the EV Charging Station installation industry leader. 


Analyze Existing Infrastructure

Location and Type of Station Selection

Available Power Study

Parking Analysis


ADA Accessibility

Required ADA Parking and Path of Travel

Analysis of Existing Parking & State Requirements


Plan for Future Growth


Type of EV Charger Selection Analysis

Fleet Requirements

Employee Forecasting/Future EV Needs


Design, Permits & Budget

Cost effective & Value Engineered Design

Step by Step Budgeting

Full Complete Set of Construction Drawings

Permit Processing & Procurement


Construction & Installation


All Trades Contracted & Supervised

Streamlined Communication with Industry Leading Support 


Maintenance & Service

MFG Scheduled Maintenance 

Manufacturer Warranty Work

Commercial EV Equipment Options

Level 2 Charging:


  • Up To 35 Miles of Charging per Hour

  • Depending on Battery Type

  • Requires Less Available Power 

  • Longer Charging Times

Level 3 Charging:


  • Up To 10 Miles of Charging per Minute

  • Depending on Battery Type

  • Requires More Available Power

  • Larger Investment

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Commercial EV Equipment Options


Casco represents more than 50 EV Charging manufactures to meet your unique charging needs: 


  • Level 2 & 3 Charging 

  • Renewable Energy 

  • No Cost Installation Options

  • All Business Sizes 

Levl3 Charging:


Casco is intimately familiar with more than 400 EV Charging software solutions, features include: 


  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Power Management

  • Mobile Apps

  • Site Locator Availability 

  • Scheduling for Non-Peak Hours

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