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Office building


EV Office Benefits



Employee Engagement and Retention: 

  • 64% of millennials consider a company’s social and environment commitments when deciding where to work and accepting a position. They will not support a company that doesn’t have a solid corporate social responsibility commitment

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Solid environment policies are becoming and imperative factor in the vetting of strategic partnerships

For Profit:

  • Charge for usage

  • Profit sharing model with providers

  • Off peak hours and sellback options 


  • Save energy costs

  • Manages drivers’ safety, location, and efficiency with ease 


  •    Public or Private 

  •    Increase revenue 

  •    Financing options 

  •    Leasing options 

  •    Incentives for low-cost or no-cost installation 

  •    Future EV growth  

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