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Super Charge Your Building Value: Invest in EV Infrastructure

Going green is getting smarter. Smart, green buildings encompass much more than solar panels and LEED certification. They provide invaluable data about occupancy, energy and sustainability that improves operations, enhances the employee experience and saves businesses money. Ultimately, smart, green buildings future proof your business for market resiliency and mass appeal.

And the return on investment (ROI) isn’t bound by office walls. It extends to parking lots and garages through electric vehicle (EV) infrastructures that further promote and accommodate a healthier way of work and life.

Installing EV charging stations is a smart investment thanks to generous tax credits, rebates and incentive programs, and the long-term ROI is priceless. EV stations are a clean, green choice that send a positive brand message to employees, clients and the community.

Upgrading your workplace with EV infrastructure also aligns with California’s progressive approach to energy efficiency and environmental policy. In September 2020, Governor Gavin Newson signed an executive order requiring all new passenger cars and trucks sold in California to be emission-free by 2035, and the state has an ambitious goal to install 250,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2025.

  • Reducing emissions

  • Saving money (fuel and tax credits)

  • Decreasing reliance on petroleum

  • Improving environmental and public health

So how do you keep pace in the EV fast lane? Partner with Casco Contractors EV Charging Station Experts. We’ll help you:

Invest in EV Infrastructure

Future proof for market resiliency and mass appeal. Onsite charging stations provide access to beneficial data including CO2 savings, kWh-usage, energy costs and charging point activity. This data informs internal reports, tax declarations and marketing plans.

Develop a Charging Station Plan

Evaluate EV charging systems and provide best-in-class recommendations that meet your location’s unique needs.

Select the Right Location

Analyze existing infrastructure and plan future growth for charging station installation with minimal indoor building and outdoor landscape disturbance.

Expedite Implementation

Complete your installation in approximately 16 weeks—faster than any other contractor in the industry. Casco’s design phase takes up to 10 weeks, including blueprints, permit approvals and power source verification from existing building electrical rooms or new transformers.

Secure CA Permits

Ensure compliance with California laws through streamlined solutions that save time and money.

Connect with Southern California’s go-to partner for EV charging station installations. Our team of experts begin each engagement with a comprehensive location assessment, then quickly design and install the perfect charging station to fit your unique needs. Casco Contractors manages every step of the process from planning to permitting and plugging in.


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