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Welcome to EV360

EV360 is Southern California’s go-to partner for all your EV charging station needs. Our team of experts begins each engagement with a comprehensive location assessment, then we quickly design and install the perfect charging station to fit your unique needs. 


We manage every step of the process from applying for incentives and planning to permitting to plugging in.


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Investing in EV Infrastructure

Investing in EV infrastructure can future-proof your business for market resiliency and mass appeal. Onsite charging stations provide access to beneficial data including CO2 savings, kWh-usage, energy costs and charging point activity. This data informs internal reports, tax declarations and marketing plans.

Charging Station Planning

We thoroughly evaluate EV Charging systems and provide best-in-class recommendations that meet your location’s unique needs.

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Location Selection

We analyze existing infrastructure and plan future growth for charging station installation with minimal indoor building and outdoor landscape disturbance.


Our comprehensive EV completion time averages 16 weeks—faster than any other contractor in the industry. The design phase takes up to 10 weeks, including blueprints, permit approvals and power source verification from existing building electrical rooms or new transformers.


CA Permits

The Casco team understands the importance of getting a job done right the first time. We guarantee attention to detail, impeccable products and installation, comprehensive solutions for any roadblocks and compliance with California laws regarding electric vehicle charging stations. Our streamlined solutions will save you time and money.


Incentives & Rebates

Cut EV charging installation costs with a variety of federal, state and local incentives in CA.


EV360 helps you qualify for incentives, plan, design and install with ease.


Learn more with our Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Station Playbook

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